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CargoBuckle Flush Mount Tie-Down System

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Style: Everything Motors
Type: Trailer Parts
Condition: New
Condition Description: This product is brand new and sealed.
Package Includes: CargoBuckle Flush Mount Tie-Down System
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Country of Manufacture: China
BoatBuckle CargoBuckle Flush Mount Tie-Down SystemThe CargoBuckle Flush Mount System enables the CargoBuckle to be instantly ready when you need it, but neatly tucked out of the way when you don't.To use, simply open the "trap-door" and the CargoBuckle hinges up to the ready position. When not in use, the CargoBuckle hinges below the floor and the "trap-door" closes.Product Info:Item No.: F18804Dimensions: 4.5" deepUOM: EachBreak Strength: 3,500 lbs./ea.Safe Working Load: 1,167 lbs.Package: Clam